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Welcome to the Department of Anthropology

UPDATE (Oct. 1, 2014): Faculty Office Hours are now available.

The study of anthropology promotes an understanding of self and all humankind by exploring the human condition at all times and in all places. In the modern world in which every society depends upon other societies, ignorance of the goals, values and ways of life of others may lead to fear, discrimination, and racism in the community or to warand oppression between nations. Anthropology addresses all of these issues.

For more than thirty-five years the Anthropology Department at CSUSB has enabled students from the Inland Empire to acquire knowledge of the diversity of past and present cultures around the world. We have equipped our students with the skills to be successful in today’s multicultural society. Our graduates have pursued a wide variety of careers, from archaeologists in local cultural resource management firms, to lawyers, to college professors and teachers, to managers in international businesses, and everything in-between.

The faculty in the Anthropology Department are renowned experts in numerous areas of study: the Aztecs, migration and liberation theology in southeast Asia, African prehistory, the anthropology of food, the cultures and religions of the Middle East, Neandertals, historical archaeology in California, and the peoples of Australia. The faculty have also won numerous awards, including a statewide outstanding professor award, two winners of the CSUSB Outstanding Professor award, and five winners of our own college’s award for outstanding teaching. Student surveys also reveal very high levels of satisfaction with our degree program and courses.

Peter Robertshaw, PhD.